What Qualifications Do We Offer?

At Wiltshire Youth Canoe Club we offer a range of different qualifications to work towards. During our club sessions we aim to have fun but why not try and earn yourself some qualifications at the same time? We will work on the skills you need to go through either our BCU star awards which we tend to use for our teenage and adult members. For our younger members (8+) our team of qualified coaches may recommend the paddle power passports which allow us to tick off skills during the sessions resulting in a certificate at the end of the process. All of our qualifications are recognised by the BCU. 


Wiltshire Youth Canoe Club is also a volunteer based canoe club who are reguarly looking for new and existing coaches to help deliver sessions. Every year coaching courses are run at the club which allow our new and existing paddlers a chance to develop their skills.


To find out when our next courses are running keep an eye on our events page.


The BCU 1 Star is a clear stepping-stone to becoming a paddler. Designed as a basic award,

the 1 Star is the level people would typically reach after an introductory course of 6 hours

quality water time.




Successful performance at this level indicates that the paddler can use fundamental paddlesport skills on flat water to control movement of both canoes and kayaks, and have an understanding of how the paddle, boat, and water interact.



The BCU 3 Star is preference based. The candidate has the choice of what craft they use for their assessment. There are 7 different disciplines to be chosen from:  Kayak/Sit-on-top, Surf, Open Canoe, White Water (kayak/canoe), Touring, Freestyle (kayak/canoe) and Wild Water Racing. 




Paddlepower is an exciting scheme that has been designed to meet the needs of young people. Its colourful and youth centred approach aims to:  

  • Encourage more young people to come into and stay in the sport

  • Provide progression and reward achievement in a wide range of topics

  • Show them all aspects of the sport – both competitive and adventurous

  • Provide signposts into Clubs where their skills and development can be nurtured

  • Provide a flexible structure for delivery according to venue/situation

  • The scheme has recently been revised and now comprises 5 Awards to support a young paddler’s introduction and progress in Paddlesport.

The BCU provide a comprehensive coaching qualification scheme and coach education programme. BCU Coaching UK is designed to ensure that coaches and participants are fully and properly prepared to take part in the sport and that coaches are qualified to instruct participants in all aspects of technique, safety and understanding. Access to any of the awards within the BCU scheme can be achieved via clubs, centres and coaches affiliated to the BCU UK Coaching Service, if you live in England this is via membership of Canoe England. 

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