Kit List

The canoeists will require old clothes and footwear to wear under the kit the club provides. During summer this can consist of shorts,

t-shirts and trainers (without laces) but during the winter a wet suit is compulsory. Footwear is compulsory all year round.


We recommend either the following or similar


  • Wet Suit boots or old trainers (without laces)

  • Swim suit

  • Tracksuit bottoms or Wetsuit

  • A towel

  • Change of clothes


The canoe club will provide a buoyancy aid, helmet, water proof jacket, boat and paddles.


Cotton clothing should be avoided as these do not have good insulation properties. Please do not wear jeans as they are heavy when wet.


If you have any questions please contact us.

Wiltshire Youth Canoe Club     SN12 7ED


Created by Rachel Slade

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