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2018 Season

Nene White Water Race


We are hosting the Nene White Water Race at the Nene White Water Centre. Great way to start the season for all levels

email: lucymbrown@hotmail.com

Weekly Paddles Are Back!

4th April 2018 

We're back from our winter break! Wednesdays 5.30-7.30pm.

Night Paddle

April 2018 (Date TBC)

Our annual night paddle will take place on the River Avon for an adventure up the river and wave goodbye to the dark evenings and welcome the spring! Time to be confirmed...

Paddle and Spring Clean Up

April 2018 (Date TBC)

For all ages and abilities. A chance to clean up our river and take all the rubbish away so we can enjoy our summers paddling! We'd also like a small group of adults to help us install some slalom poles in ready for our summer games. 

Club Slalom Training

Throughout April and May

For all ages and abilities. We will be using our new slalom poles to practice for up and coming slalom events. We also plan to do regular trips to local slalom sites such as Langham Farm, Frome and Trowbridge. 

Frome Market Yard Slalom

27th April 2018

A mini - slalom competition at Market Yard, using the slalom course. 6pm for practice, the racing starts at 7pm. Two runs each. This event gives you a taste and excitement of a slalom without the pressure that comes with a national competition. More information in due course. To book yourself into the race please email fromecanoeclub@gmail.com with your details. BA11 1BE

100 Mile Canoe Test

25th - 29th May 2018

We're looking to put together a team to complete the 100mile canoe test again this year. The event starts on the 25th May and finishes on the 29th May. More info can be found at: http://www.paddleplus.co.uk/com-agorapro-dashboard/events/100m.html. 

Paddle In The Park - Nottingham

2-3 June 2018 

Paddle in the Park at Holme Pierrepont in Nottingham has plenty to keep families entertained. And there are workshops for different levels of paddlers to progress their skills. 

Langham Farm Slalom

9th & 10th June 2018

A national slalom which Frome Canoe Club organises for British Canoeing. There are two separate races, one on Saturday and the other on Sunday. You can compete on one day or on both. It is a Division 3/4 race and the course is run on gently moving water at Langham Farm. To book yourself into the race please email fromecanoeclub@gmail.com with your details. BA11 6PL.

Symonds Yat

June 2018 (Date TBC)

A day trip held by WYCC for an introduction onto moving water.

Cardiff White Water

June 2018 (Date TBC)

A day trip to Cardiff White Water Centre to develop recent skills learnt at Symonds Yat. 

River Trip

July 2018 (Date TBC)

Reybridge to Melksham trip. Route may change - TBC

Party in the Park

21st July 2018

Volunteers needed for backside and on-water support. 

Cardiff White Water Centre

August 2018

A day trip to Cardiff to continue developing our moving water skills.

River Festival

1st & 2nd September 2018

Volunteers needed for display, backside and on-water support.

Poole Harbour Race

September 2018 (Date TBC)

Fun race in any boat: K1, K2, Ski, Sea kayak (classic and racing), Wavehopper, WWR, C1, C2, OC1, Canadian, General purpose or 6 man Hawaiian canoe.  1 miles for under 12s younger paddlers, 4/8/ or 12 miles http://www.pooleharbourcanoeclub.uk/events.html 

Saltford to Hanham Lock

September 2018 (Date TBC)

Day Trip for the improvers of our group. 

Cardiff White Water Centre

October 2018 (Date TBC)

A day trip to Cardiff to continue developing our moving water skills.

Halloween Night Paddle

31st October 2018

Spooky wear required!

Christmas Party

22nd December 2018

More events coming soon...

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